Just like many other dentist offices, Mogren Dental provides services for tooth crowns bridges, and implants, but unlike most dentist offices, we do so with the highest quality technology on the market.  Using the Cerec machine (Chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) we’re able to provide you with a ceramic bridge or crown that perfectly matches your natural teeth, in just one visit.

This means that you no longer have to schedule a second appointment, go through restorative treatment, or have to deal with ill fitting crowns or bridges.  The Cerec creates precise and exact replacements, right in our office.  Not only do you save on hassle, you save on time and cost.

Why do I need a crown or bridge?

When your teeth become damaged, painful, cracked, or broken, your dentist may recommend that you have them removed, or have a bridge or crown installed. These might seem like daunting or confusing procedures, so we’ve outlined a few of the most common reasons  your dentist may have advised that you get a crown, bridge or implant:

Implant – One of the most stable and secure tooth replacement options, Dr. Mogren will use an implant if you’ve lost a tooth and need a secure, permanent replacement. Placing an implant is a two part process. First, Dr. Mogren will surgically place a titanium implant into the jawbone where your tooth was lost or removed. Once your jaw heals around the implant, Dr. Mogren will use the CEREC machine to create a crown that matches your other teeth exactly. Though implants take a little bit longer than a simple crown or bridge, they are the best long-term method to correcting your smile, and the process at Dr. Mogren’s office is still much quicker thanks to our CEREC machine.

Crowns – These are usually put in place if your tooth has a crack in it, or if you have an old filling that takes up more than ⅔ of the original tooth.  In both situations, a crown is likely inevitable, and can cause you pain if you decide to opt out of the crown procedure.  While it might seem like a hassle, and a lot of money, remember that Mogren Dental offers single-visit crowns, so you’ll get your crown on the first appointment.

Bridges – A bridge is generally installed if you are missing one or more teeth.  While it might just seem like one little tooth, your teeth and jawbones work together as a unit, and one missing tooth could do a lot of damage.  If your dentist recommends you have a bridge put in, it is to keep your teeth from shifting or rotating from their designated spaces.  If your teeth do shift, it can cause major jaw restructuring, and could even change the shape of your face over time.  While the fitting process used to be long and extensive, with the CEREC machine, Mogren Dental is able to fit and install your bridge in the same visit, so if you’re short on time, give us a call or schedule your appointment today.