At Mogren Dental, we’re here for you.  We want to make sure you get the best dental care possible, and in a way that is convenient for you.  Digital x-rays are just another way that we’re providing you with that top-of-the-line service.  One of the most beneficial advancements to medical technology in years, digital x-rays are a faster, more efficient, and safer way of taking dental x-rays.

So what makes digital x-rays different?

Digital x-rays are best explained in comparison to digital cameras.  Much as the camera shifted from film to digital, so too has the x-ray.  Where original x-ray technology used to take pictures with film, a digital x-ray takes the photos from a sensor that is placed into your mouth, and sends them directly to your dentist’s computer.  Since all of the data is digital, your dentist can put the pictures onto a disc for you, and can also easily send them to another doctor or dentist.

With this new digital technology, your dentist is able to gain access to the x-rays almost immediately, with no need for a dark room, and no more waiting for film to develop.   Now, your dentist can analyze and give you the results of your x-ray in just minutes.  Additionally, since the pictures are digital, your dentist will be able to enlarge the photos and zoom in, giving him or her a clearer, more exact picture of what is going on with your teeth.

The final, most important benefit of digital x-rays is the fact that they reduce your exposure to radiation by almost 90 percent.  Though normal x-rays are extremely safe, and every precaution is taken to reduce exposure to radiation, if you are a person who routinely has x-rays done, or if you are hyperconscious of the effects of radiation, this is certainly the option for you.

At Mogren Dental, we’ve invested in the digital x-ray for the benefit of our patients.  This new technology will produce more accurate, clearer pictures, and will shorten your wait time significantly, in addition to providing you with an even safer option for your dental care.