9 Reasons Why You Should Smile More Often

Dr Nate Mogren with Staff

Everyone loves to smile and it can make you healthier, improve other people’s moods and even boost your self confidence! Take a look at our list of reasons why you should always be smiling.

  1. Smiling signifies a healthier you – By having a cleaner and healthier mouth it directly results in the health of your body. Since most of what goes into your body enters through your mouth, different eating habits and the development of diseases is shown through your mouth and smile. Many diseases are traceable through mouth implications, such as gum problems and dry mouth.
  2. Smiling depicts happiness When you see someone who is always smiling and laughing what do you immediately think? We signify smiling with happiness; they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Smiling is a sign of happiness and happiness leads to a healthy, less stressful lifestyle. It is logical to believe that when someone is smiling or laughing that they are genuinely happy or content with their life. Researchers found people who are smiling to feel emotions of pleasure, and happiness.
  3. Smiling is a sign of youth and vibrancy – Pearly whites are a sign of vibrancy and youth.  Most people wish they could be young again, it reminds you of your carefree days when the toughest decision was choosing what you should have for breakfast. Pearly whites show a sign of youth because nothing has tarnished your teeth yet; due to the acidity level in multiple foods and drinks. Having a whiter smile could easily portray that you are younger because your favorite juice or wine has not left any stains on your teeth thus far.   It takes time and various substances to create stains and tooth decay.
  4. Smiling portrays self-confidenceEspecially when meeting someone for the first time, smiling gives you a certain confidence solely expressed by a nonverbal, words almost seem irrelevant because a smile says so much.
  5. Smiling shows a sign of friendliness or friendly relations When someone smiles it shows a sign of friendliness. It sends you nonverbal cues that make you feel like someone wants to converse with you and is happy to be in your presence.
  6. Smiling is Catchy When someone is smiling it’s easy to see why you would want to join in. Imagine an infant smiling and giggling, it’s hard not to smile with them. There’s a part of you that wants to join in, it’s understandable why you are drawn to them. You get a feeling that you want to be involved in whatever is making them smile.
  7. Smiling is a positivity boosterYou bring a certain air to the table when you are constantly smiling. It is easier to be positive when you have a permanent grin on your face rather than a frown. Unconsciously it helps to be more optimistic about a certain situation when you are not able to wipe a smile off your face.
  8. Smiling is Attractive Studies have shown that smiling makes you more attractive and increases beauty in most people’s opinion. When you are talking to someone, where are you looking? Most would say they hold eye contact or are looking at another person’s face when having a conversation. When we find someone attractive, facial features including smile do factor into it.
  9. Smiling makes you easier to approach – When you approach someone who is smiling you feel more comfortable and less tense. It gives you a sign of ease. Especially when the situation is for an interview, doctor visit, or even meeting someone for the first time, a smile can mean a sigh of relief.

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