Choosing a New Dentist After Moving to Muskegon, MI

Choosing a new dentist

There’s a million things to think about when making a major move. Basically everything is new, from your commute to your new job, to finding a new grocery store, to a new doctor. While it’s not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, eventually you’ll need a new dentist too. But how do you find a trustworthy, friendly dentist in a brand new city? Here are a few tips that might help you find the best dentist for you in your new town:

Ask Your Previous Dentist
Your best bet is asking your previous dentist if they know anyone in your new area. Many dentists have connections all over the US, and it’s likely that he or she will have a good recommendation for you, or can find out a bit about some of the dentists in the area for you. This way you get a professional recommendation from a dentist you already know you like.

Ask Friends and Coworkers
Another great way to find a new dentist is to ask friends and coworkers. Generally, dentists you hear about through word-of-mouth are going to have great reputations, and be liked by many. No one will recommend a dentist they’re not keen on. Also, if you ask coworkers, it’s highly likely that the dentist they recommend will also accept your insurance.

Check the State Board of Dentistry
Most states have a list of licensed dentists that show how long they’ve been licensed, what exactly they’re licensed for, and if they’ve ever faced disciplinary action. You can make a short list from here of dentists that are licensed, have had no legal issues, and that are in your area.

Check with Insurance
From the short list you’ve compiled with recommendations from friend, coworkers, previous dentists, and the state board, you’ll have to figure out which ones accept your insurance. The best way to do this is to contact your insurance provider. In most cases, they’ll have a list of dentists in the area that accept that insurance, and you can go from there.

Consider Your Needs
Now that you know which dentists are qualified on the most basic terms – accept your insurance, are reputable, and are licensed – you should consider your own personal needs. If you are very anxious around dentists, you might prefer one who provides sedation for dental services. If you have kids, you’ll definitely want a family-friendly dentistry.

Some dentists are even starting to provide orthodontic services, which might be a good option if you have younger kids who will eventually need braces. Once you decide what kind of dentist you need, it’ll be easier to narrow the list down to a few top contenders.

Ask to Meet the Dentist
After your list is narrowed down to a few dentists in your area, it’s time to give them a call. Just calling the office might give you an idea of how you feel about certain offices. It’s also a good idea to try and set up a time to meet with the dentist. The way the office reacts to this request will give you some information, and once you meet with the dentist you’ll really know how you feel. Don’t be afraid to call and ask for a meeting. Not everyone does this when they’re choosing a new dentist, but it’s a great practice, and probably one of the best ways to decide which dentist will work the best for you and your family.

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