How Long Does a CEREC crown take?


A CEREC crown can be applied in one visit, as opposed to a process of two or more weeks with traditional crowns. Let’s break down what a CEREC crown is, how it’s made, and how to know if it’s right for you.

What is a CEREC crown?

A crown is a tool used by dentists to reinforce cracked or weak teeth or to replace teeth that are missing. It can also correct aesthetic issues that have developed as a result of compromised teeth. A CEREC machine can be used to design and create crowns from porcelain that fit over the damaged tooth and blend naturally with your smile. 

How is a CEREC crown made?

The process of making a CEREC crown is relatively simple. First, a three-dimensional impression will be made of your teeth using a small camera. You heard right, the impression is done digitally, so no trays of goop are necessary to mold the crown. After your photo is taken, the CEREC machine will use computer-aided design and manufacturing to fabricate the tooth from a block of porcelain. Since the photos and computer models are highly accurate, the crown is milled to your exact specifications. Once the crown has been created, it is glazed and color-matched to the shade of your natural teeth. A dentist will then attach the new CEREC crown to your prepared tooth.

How long does a traditional crown take?

Traditional crowns can take two or three weeks. The standard practice involves taking detailed impressions, constructing a mold, sending the mold to a lab to create the crown, waiting for the crown to be completed, before finally attaching it to the tooth in another visit. Patients have to wear temporary crowns while they wait and can experience more discomfort. Traditional crowns are also more expensive because of all the extra labor and time involved in making them. Repairing teeth this way becomes a long and drawn-out process.

How long does a CEREC crown take?

The total process takes about two hours to complete. It can easily be accomplished in one dental visit. To get a CEREC crown, you will sit for quick photo impressions. Then, the CEREC machine does the work of cutting and shaping the porcelain to match the computer model. You can even watch the process. Attaching the completed crown is simple and bonding only takes a few minutes. In a single visit, you can walk out with your new CEREC crown.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a CEREC crown?

Crowns can be used to cover teeth that have gotten a filling to further strengthen them after decay. They are also used to reinforce teeth that have structural damage, like cracks or chips. Your dentist may suggest using a crown over a dental implant that will replace a missing tooth. After a root canal procedure, a crown can help block infection and protect the tooth from further damage. 

If a crown isn’t what your dentist recommends, they will have other suggestions such as whitening for discoloration, veneers for significant aesthetic changes, or orthodontic work for misaligned teeth. They may want you to address underlying infections or gum disease before getting a crown. If you are experiencing severe tooth decay, your dentist may recommend removing the tooth as a crown will not be able to stop or reverse decay. Once the problem is resolved, a crown can be used to cover the damaged area.

What are the benefits of a CEREC crown?

CEREC crowns are much quicker to make and attach than traditional crowns, and they are just as reliable and durable. Your crown will last 10-15 years on average, but likely longer if you give it excellent care. CEREC crowns are made of porcelain, which is the preferred material for crowns and veneers because of its realistic look and feel. 

If you and your dentist agree that a crown is right for you, you can have it attached in a single visit. The CEREC machine at your dentist’s office works quickly, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a temporary crown until your next appointment. In just a single visit you can strengthen your teeth and brighten your smile.

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