How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth


Is it a fight to get your kids to brush their teeth in the morning and before bed? You’re not the only one. Kids just want to play and have fun, and brushing their teeth gets in their way, they think. Kids might resist brushing their teeth, but there are some things you can do to teach them the proper technique and make sure their teeth are healthy.


Teach your kids the right way to brush

It doesn’t matter if your kids brush their teeth if they’re not doing it correctly. Bad brushing technique can leave plaque and food residue on teeth, accelerating tooth decay and other oral health issues. Not brushing for long enough can also cause these problems.

Generally speaking, kids should brush their teeth for two minutes per day, ensuring that they get all sides and angles of the teeth. Check out our breakdown of how to teach your kids to brush properly for more detailed information and steps.


Use songs or timers

Two minutes can feel like an eternity to a kid—unless they’re asking you for a few more minutes to play or watch TV before bed—especially doing something as boring as brushing their teeth. So make it more measurable and bearable for them by setting a timer or playing a song for the duration of the two minutes. They might even look forward to dancing around the bathroom and brushing their teeth if it’s a favorite song! And if not, it will at least help the minutes pass and keep them brushing for the recommended time. 


Use a power toothbrush

 A toothbrush with automatic moving bristles can be a great help to anyone who wants to get their teeth a little cleaner, and it’s even more helpful for kids. First of all, it’s more fun than a regular old manual toothbrush. But even more importantly, young kids lack the manual dexterity to do a great job brushing their teeth. A power toothbrush has a circular brushing motion that can help make up for that and clean teeth better.


Be a good role model

Even when they’re mad at you or seem not to like you, your kids look up to you. So, you should set a good example for them when it comes to oral hygiene. Make sure they see you brushing your teeth and flossing, or even better, do it together. 


Just as important as twice daily brushing are regular dentist appointments. Schedule an appointment today.

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