Keeping your child’s teeth and dental health safe during Halloween

Candy Corn

Like most parents, you’re probably worrying about how Halloween candy is going to affect your kids’ teeth this year. We know how stressful it can be to watch the piles of candy add up throughout that night. We’ve got some good news for you though, it’s not as bad as it looks.

Halloween candy has gotten a bad rap. Why? It’s only really harmful when it’s in the mouth for a long time. The way that cavities develop is hugely dependent on how much acid is in the mouth. So the longer the sugar stays, the more time it has to be turned into the harmful acid that produces cavities.

Be wary though- this doesn’t mean let your kids eat all of that delicious candy in one sitting. The best way to make sure your kids won’t be victims of cavities this year is to ration out the candy, make sure they’re brushing their teeth, and monitor how frequently they’re eating.

Allowing your children to have a little bit of candy is going to make them happy and only letting them have a little bit at a time will make their teeth happy. Limiting the amount of sugar that goes in will protect their teeth from developing any cavities.

Brushing teeth after eating is the safest way to protect teeth. If you let food sit on the teeth and gums it has much more time to develop into acid.

Arguably the biggest factor that contributes to cavities that goes undiscussed is the frequency of eating. Frequent snacking throughout the day will increase the risk of cavities developing. This can all be counteracted by good brushing and flossing habits, though. If you are unable to have your child brush his/her teeth after eating rinsing with water is a good alternative.

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