Teeth and Aging: Health Concerns for People Between 40 and 60

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If you’re between the ages of 40 and 60, taking care of your dental health is crucial. There are numerous health conditions that are linked to gum disease and good oral health can prevent the future loss of permanent teeth as you age. Here are some important things to look out for during this time of life:


Missing teeth

If you are missing any teeth, it is important that you take care of them, either with implants, bridges, crowns, or other options that your dentist recommends. Failing to address missing teeth can alter your chewing patterns and lead to tooth decay, bone loss, and even a domino effect of losing other teeth.


Gum disease

We just discussed missing teeth, but gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Gum disease can cause, contribute to, and indicate a number of health problems. Gum disease is easily preventable with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

If you have good oral hygiene and still contract periodontal disease, a serious form of gum disease, this can indicate potential heart disease, especially if you also have risk factors for heart disease such as obesity and a family history of heart disease. Periodontal disease can also be linked to diabetes, dementia, and rheumatoid arthritis, which may be diagnosed at this stage of life.


Oral cancer

Oral cancer occurs most often in people over 40 years old, often in people who smoke, have smoked, used smokeless (chewing) tobacco, or were exposed to heavy second-hand smoke or environmental pollutants. White or red patches on your gums, tongue, or inside your mouth, or slow healing sores could be signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is difficult to detect, so regular dental checkups are crucial to early detection.

The years between 40 and 60 are critical for maintaining good dental health and preventing and detecting serious health concerns now and down the road. As always, the keys to good dental health are good hygiene habits (daily brushing and flossing) as well as regular dental checkups.


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