Top 5 Foods for Strong Teeth


Everyone wants strong and healthy teeth. Chipped and broken teeth are painful and require dental intervention, and they can interfere with the beauty of your smile. While good dental hygiene and regular dental checkups are the cornerstone of maintaining oral health, here are the top 5 foods for strong teeth.

Milk and Dairy

Just like the “Got milk?” ads said, milk is a good source of calcium, as are other dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Calcium is a crucial mineral for bone health, and teeth are bones, too. Dairy products also contain phosphorus, which is also good for teeth. Yogurt contains good bacteria as well that can support overall oral health.

Spinach and Dark, Leafy Greens

We all know spinach and other leafy greens are good for us in general, but they also have distinct benefits for teeth. Some important minerals for tooth health in spinach and greens are vitamin C and phosphorous. Additionally, these greens are low in sugar, a leading cause of tooth decay and other health problems.


Almonds are a good source of healthy fats, calcium, and protein, essential nutrients for strong bodies and strong teeth. They too are low in sugar and make an excellent on-the-go snack. Next time you have a craving for M&Ms or other sweet, crunchy candies, try a handful of almonds instead.


Yes, water is good for you and you should be drinking it. But it also strengthens your teeth both directly (because of fluoride) and indirectly (by washing away some of the bad bacteria and traces of food on your teeth). If you’re drinking a lot of bottled water, make sure that it has fluoride in it, which helps protect tooth enamel and prevent it from permanently wearing away.

Meat, fish, and eggs

This food group is a dental health powerhouse because these meat, eggs, and fish are all high in protein and phosphorous. Phosphorous plays a vital role in strengthening tooth enamel, which, once it’s gone, you can never replace or regenerate.


To keep your teeth healthy and strong, make sure you get regular dental cleanings. Schedule yours today.

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