What To Do When Your Child Chips a Tooth

little boy playing in dirt

Kids play rough: running into each other, playing contact sports, fighting with their siblings, falling off their bikes, jumping off things, chewing on things they shouldn’t. And when they play rough, sometimes they get hurt, from scraped knees to chipped teeth. So what should you do if your child chips a tooth?

Stay calm

Yes, a chipped tooth can seem like a big deal, especially if the chip is large or your child seems to be in a lot of pain, but getting upset will definitely not help the situation. Chipped teeth are often repairable, so your child’s smile won’t be ruined forever. Staying calm will help keep your child calm, as they are probably scared and upset, as well as help you to take the necessary next steps.

Keep the chipped part of the tooth (if possible)

The dentist won’t likely be able to just reattach the broken part of the tooth the way you would reattach the broken handle on a mug, but if you can find the tooth chip (and your child hasn’t lost or swallowed it), you should hold onto it. That way, the dentist will know how much of the tooth was chipped and see how the break occurred.

Do light triage

If your child’s mouth hurts from the chipped tooth, you can give them an over-the-counter pain medication to relieve some of the pain. You should also have your child rinse his or her mouth out with salt water. Then place paraffin or dental wax over the broken edge of the tooth to keep it from cutting the inside of the mouth or chipping further.

Find a dentist that can help ASAP

Don’t wait to go in to your regular dentist on Monday if it’s a Friday evening and they won’t be open or let you schedule an emergency appointment. Getting the chip fixed quickly is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t chip further and that there is no permanent damage to the tooth, enamel, or nerve, or any decay to the vulnerable part of the tooth.

If your child has a tooth accident, be sure to call Mogren Dental. We’re a family practice that puts the customer, and your child’s comfort, first. We’ll make sure we get that tooth taken care of right away, so you don’t have to worry.


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