When Do Kids Lose Their Baby Teeth?


For kids, losing their baby teeth is an exciting rite of passage, but for parents, it can be a reminder that their little baby is growing up. How do you know when it’s time for your child to lose his or her baby teeth? Here are the average ages kids lose their baby teeth.

Upper Teeth

The central incisors, a.k.a. front teeth, are lost on average at 7.5 years old, though some children lose them sooner or a little later. The next teeth, the lateral incisors, fall out at about 8 years old. The cuspid or canine teeth are usually lost around 11.5 years of age. The next teeth, the first and second primary molars are lost at approximately 10.5 years of age.

Lower Teeth

The central incisors on the bottom are generally lost at 6 years old. Lateral incisors are lost around 7 years old. Children’s canines are lost around 9.5 years, and the first and second primary molars are lost at ages 10 and 11, respectively. 

Early Tooth Loss

While it’s rare, children can lose teeth due to decay, just like adults. Additionally, children may lose teeth earlier than predicted due to their level of activity—children can knock their teeth out unintentionally during rough play from things like hitting heads on a trampoline or falling off a bike or playing sports. Depending on how soon before the adult tooth can be expected to grow in that a baby tooth is lost, your dentist may recommend just leaving the space for the permanent tooth or holding the space with a spacer to ensure that the space for the adult tooth is kept.  

Permanent Teeth

For most permanent teeth, they begin erupting just after the loss of the baby tooth. While there are only 20 primary (baby teeth), there are 32 adult teeth that will erupt


Upper teeth Age tooth erupts
Central incisor (front tooth) 7.35
Lateral incisor 8.45
Cuspid (canine) 11.35
Bicuspid (first premolar) 10.2
Bicuspid (second premolar) 11.05
First molar 6.3
Second molar 12.25
Third molar 17-21
Lower teeth Age tooth erupts
Central incisor (front tooth) 6.4
Lateral incisor 7.5
Cuspid (canine) 10.35
Bicuspid (first premolar) 10.5
Bicuspid (second premolar) 11.2
First molar 6.05
Second molar 11.9
Third molar 17-21


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