When Is It Time To Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?


If you haven’t yet had your wisdom teeth removed, you’ve probably wondered at some point when is it time to get my wisdom teeth removed? While for most people, wisdom teeth begin to come in between ages 17 to 21, that’s a big range and it’s different for everyone. Some people don’t ever get wisdom teeth, and some only need one or two removed, whereas others have four. It all depends on your wisdom teeth and your mouth. Here’s how to know whether you need to talk with your dentist about wisdom teeth removal. 

They hurt

Pain is your body’s way of telling you to take action of some kind. When it comes to wisdom teeth, if you’re having pain because they’re beginning to come in, that means you should see your dentist about having them removed. For the majority of people, there isn’t room in their mouth for wisdom teeth to fit, and the longer you wait, the more pain you’ll have.

They cause headaches

Like pain in the wisdom teeth and surrounding teeth, headaches caused by wisdom teeth coming in is a sign that those teeth need to be addressed. Not only are headaches uncomfortable or even painful, they can also interfere with your productivity and day-to-day functioning.

They’re impacted

If your dentist tells you that your wisdom teeth are impacted, you’ll want to remove your wisdom teeth ASAP, before they cause any other dental problems. Impacted wisdom teeth are prone to tooth decay and gum disease and can damage other teeth.

They’re causing dental issues

If your wisdom teeth are causing your teeth to move, growing into the roots and nerves of your other teeth, or causing any other dental issue, it’s time for them to go. Swelling and redness, jaw pain, and bad breath could even be symptoms of dental problems resulting from wisdom teeth.


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