Pain From Teeth Whitening? Here’s How to Help


Everyone wants whiter teeth, but whitening your teeth isn’t always simple and painless. A lot of teeth whitening products can cause pain and sensitivity to your teeth. You want to have white teeth, but how do you do it without the discomfort? Here are some solutions to try when whitening causes pain.

Stop whitening—ish

If the whitening product you’re using is causing pain, stop using that product. You don’t have to give up on whitening totally, but consider another type of product or whitening option. Whitening products are of two general types: peroxide-based bleaching products or products that just remove surface stains. Products with hydrogen peroxide that bleach your teeth, specifically gels, can cause pain because they are so harsh. Products like whitening toothpaste can be a better solution, as they usually only contain compounds that remove surface stains, rather than bleaching the teeth themselves.

See a dentist

The products that your dentist uses to whiten teeth are different than the ones you can get over the counter, and they’re not only more effective at whitening your teeth, but because they’re applied by a professional, they’re not as likely to cause pain.

Try sensitivity remedies

If whitening hurts your teeth, it might just be because you have sensitive teeth. If your teeth also hurt when you eat hot or cold foods, sweets, or brush your teeth too hard, your teeth are probably just sensitive. In this case, you should talk to your dentist, and consider using toothpaste specifically formulated to combat sensitivity

Use a desensitizing agent

There are products that can help reduce sensitivity when whitening. Use a whitening product that has a desensitizing agent added or use a desensitizing agent before you bleach your teeth. You can even have a desensitizing agent applied by your dentist before whitening treatments.

Change your strategy

If whitening according to the directions on your product is causing you pain, consider wearing the trays or strips for less time, waiting longer between treatments, or using less of the whitening product. Also avoid using multiple treatments at a time, like strips and toothpaste.

If you’re looking for whiter teeth, but feel like you’ve run out of options, call the office at Mogren Dental. Dr. Mogren can talk to you about your options for professional whitening that are safe for your teeth and gums.


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